Team Trips

Each year, FAST holds Team Trips for our older swimmers to either attend a swim meet out of province/country


We believe these opportunites help develop our swimmer's life skills, independence, confidence, building relationships, camaraderie, boundaries, responsibility, time management and self-care

There are also many practical benefits to team trips including different competition/racing new competitors, new facilities, experience different sized meets and new challenges that come with that



Depending on the location of the Team Trip, mode of transportation is typically chartered bus or air travel



When travelling as a team, FAST books a block of rooms at either a hotel, univeristy dorm, or training facility. Coaches set the room lists and they are non-negotiable. In reality, the swimmers are usually so tired from the day's events they have time for the team meetings, meals and then its to bed

All electronics are collected in the evening to ensure no one is disturbed and to help ensure a restful night's sleep



We rely heavily on volunteers and chaperones to prepare and make arrangements for meals. Our preferance is to have home made meals prepared ahead of time to take on the trip (the swimmers prefer this also!) or we arrange for catering which can be more costly. The type of meals is also dependent on our accomodations and facilities available to our team

​​​​​​​Team Trips, like swim meets, are a Nut Free Zone