Program Information

The Pre-Competitive Program focuses on FUNdamentals and Learn to Train portions of the long-term athlete development model. The goal is to introduce kids to physical activity in a fun and safe environment. The FUNdamentals include learning correct competitive swimming technique from the start, and as they move through the groups they will Learn to Train so that they are prepared for a competitive program. The swimmers have the opportunity to participate in a 10&Under Fun Meet in the Spring session, to foster a love of racing.  The program caters to swimmers between the ages of 4 and 10, and is coached by experienced young athletes.

Volunteer Hours are not required for the Pre Competitive program and all fundraisers are optional

The goal of the FAST Aquanaut Stream is to provide an environment where athletes can learn competitive swimming skills and techniques at their own pace. Swimmers in this Stream will have individual goals, and can range from performance to active for life. Swimmers can decide on their level of commitment based on their own goals.